Plumbers Of Sheffield Recommends Testing Of Sump Pumps Before Spring Melt


As the warmth of the summer sun intensifies, plumbers Sheffield recommend homeowners around the area to check their sump pumps to ensure that the melted snow will not flood their basements.

In other parts of UK and the nearby cities of Sheffield, melted snow from frozen drainage ditches have started to seep into the nearby homes prompting some residents to worry about getting their cellars and basements flooded.

Jeff Dore, a plumber from Pro-Jett Plumbing & Drainage says that this is the best time to check sump pumps while snow has not yet creeped into basements. Having the sump pumps checked by qualified plumbers will ensure that they are in perfect condition and that these pumps working properly.

The plumbers Sheffield said that homeowners can do the checking of sump pumps and this can be done by simply putting some water in the sump pit or, to be sure about it, homeowners should call a qualified plumber to conduct the test.

Dore said that it is at this time of the year where snow melting happens during the day which can result for discharge lines to freeze up. If these discharge lines get blocked or broken, the pump will continually run until it burns out.

According to Dore, just for the month of March, he replaced an average of five sump pumps and a higher number of calls for pipe checking and other plumbing concerns.

Those who own newer homes should have their pumps checked at least once a year especially those with weeping tiles that drip into the pit, Dore said.

Homeowners can do their part to mitigate the effects of heavy snowing by shoveling snow away from their homes. Right now, snow is melting slowly which is good news because homeowners can have time to get their sump pumps checked. Door added that there is no average lifespan of sump pump motor which is why it should be checked periodically by plumbers Sheffield to ensure that it still works properly and will serve its purpose especially at this time of the year.