Prince Harry’s Wedding To Meghan Markle Will Boost Britain’s Economy


The upcoming wedding of Prince Harry to actress Meghan Markle has been the talk of the town during the last few months. Finally, only two weeks left before the wedding day and the general public including the staff at are already excited. The press’ attention has been all about the tiny details of the wedding but what many do not realize is that this wedding could have a positive impact to the British economy.

It is expected that the wedding will generate a lot of money for United Kingdom. Ever since the announcement of their wedding, there is merchandise for sale focusing on the couple’s trying the knot and there are even holiday packages for tourists who are planning to visit London for this special occasion. With just this in mind, one can already picture out how much Britain will gain from this year’s royal wedding.

Brand Finance said that the country will approximately earn $680 million during the wedding. A big percentage of this can be accounted to the fact that a lot of tourists are already coming and will continue to arrive until the festivities are over. For the 2011 royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, number of arrivals reached 350,000.

Their wedding is taking place in Windsor Castle which is on the western side and 30 miles from London.  Hotel rooms around the area are already fully booked. Around 10 per cent of the $680 million will be accounted for the sales of merchandise products, according to Times. There has been proof of how great the public’s interest is with the upcoming wedding and it was when they released the ceramic mugs worth $27 to celebrate the engagement. There were a thousand pieces made and everything was bought in just one day.

Britain is currently the focus of many eyes because of the recent birth of Kate Middleton with her third child with Prince William. The wedding will add more fuel to the fire and inevitably will be a good force for the nation. For this year, the economy will receive a total boost of $2.44 billion because of the royal family.