Rat Plagues In The Heart Of Sydney? Pest Control Agencies To Work Overtime


The Alexandria family living in the residential area of Sydney have reported finding a humongous dead rat in their backyard. The family also reports having seen the rat multiple times and as a result, forbade their daughter from playing out in the backyard. This just goes to show how safe families living in this residential area. However, this is not the end to the rat problem here. The various rat problems across the city require Sydney Pest Control services to take adequate care and ensure there are no critters coming back to live in these houses.

This pest problem has been a huge headache for councils who will need to appropriate more money to solve these problems. But on the other hand it acts as a boon for Sydney Pest Control agencies who can look for monetary gain from these situations. Angela Vithoulkas, a city councillor and accomplished businesswoman reiterates the fact that this is not a singular instance but rather that it is a pest infestation spread across the city. She states that she tried to take action approximately 7 months ago, and her colleagues are also in the process of taking action. During these seven months, she does claim that the problems have been relatively scaled down, but only in certain parts of the city. There are still parts of Sydney which are run over with pests.

Ms. Vithoulkas has also searched for and identified the problem. It all boils down to the expansion of our metros and the carelessness with which we do it. Construction of buildings and road-works proved to be prime facilitators for the harbouring of these pests as it gives them easy refuge. These pests then start multiplying and spreading, carrying various diseases with them. She also stated that one should not be surprised if they see rats of this size in their backyard, as Sydney’s pests are well-fed, eating directly from the city’s garbage bins. Ms. Vithoulkas again stresses upon what she’s been stadnign for the past few months, and that is the appointment of a special taskforce to deal with these incessant pests, and drive them to extinction in this East Australian city.