Reducing Asthma Triggers In The Workplace – Target Where Germs Hide In Your Office


According to statistics, 1 in 10 Australians is asthmatic. It is a chronic disease affecting more or less 2 million Australians. Dust mites, one of the primary triggers of asthma, survive on skin cells and skin cells are shed by people and just lands everywhere. Apart from clean appearance for good impression, it is also critical to attend to hidden health dangers. Everything around may look tidy – bins emptied, desktops are dust free and carpets look vacuumed, but there are microbes that are not visible yet very harmful to asthma sufferers.

Personal Workspace

Professional office cleaning services in Sydney dominate the industry as lesser companies employ their own full-time janitors. Though these cleaning services meticulously take care of most areas in the office, it is still best to be cautious and still clean your own workspace. Phones are teeming with bacteria, and can easily transport virus because it is held close to the mouth. Clean the entire phone, not just the handset or the mouthpiece. Another object notorious for germs is computer keyboards, which serves as a repository for dirt and food debris. Unplug, tilt and gently tap the keyboard to rid of dust particles and disinfect it by wiping the surface with the appropriate cleaner. Desktops can also be a source of bacteria because it is where documents, that may have been circulating the office, usually land. A quick cleaning at least twice a week should be religiously followed.

Intensive methods

To fully rid the office of asthma triggers, office cleaning services in Sydney must not only rely on disinfectants. More intensive methods such as extraction and carpet cleanings are required to move contaminants such as dust mites that trigger asthma attacks. A/C and heating units must also be maintained, filters must be changed each month. Frequent dusting is also effective in removing dust mites, especially in facilities that do not have carpets. Carpet cleaning frequency must also be increased to weekly, and deep cleaning to at least once a year. Lastly, empty vacuums frequently. Vacuums may be the landing place of most of the dust mites and contaminants collected, emptying it before it is full maintains its effectivity in keeping out dust mites and other debris.