Remembering A Departed Loved One Through Cremation Jewellery


When someone dies, the family honours him with the best funeral service. Those who prefer traditional ground burial spends about $7,000 or more. An alternative option is cremation that costs about one-third that of burial. However a growing number of people want to be reminded of their departed loved one long after the cremation has been done in the form of cremation jewellery.

Who would ever think that there will come a time when people will choose cremation jewellery made from the ashes of the departed loved one? According to Michael Nicodemus, VP of cremation services for the National Funeral Directors Association said families search online for jewellery makers that turn ashes into diamonds or mix the ashes with cement to produce coral reefs. One of the highly searched items in Google is cremation jewellery because people want a better option to store their loved one’s ashes.

According to Nicodemus, people are now choosing cremation because it a more affordable option that is also environmentally friendly. In 2015, cremation was 63.4% and it is expected that by 2020, it will jump to 69%. By 2030, 80% of people in Florida will opt for cremation.

However, even with the popularity of cremation, people still freak out when they learn that jewellery is made from a dead person’s ashes. They are not completely sold on cremation jewellery. On the other hand, there are persons who feel comfortable wearing cremation jewellery and simply refrain to tell anyone that is made from ashes.

Cremation jewellery is not as obvious as an urn in the living room. Only family and close friends understand the significance of the jewellery. There is a part of the loved one that is still there close to your heart. The cremation jewellery is something you can touch, feel and see every day.

You can find a wide range of cremation jewellery in Perth that will suit your taste. You can find cremation jewellery that you can hang on your neck, put on your finger or pin to your shirt. They look like real jewellery making it difficult for other people to know that it was made from the ashes of your loved one.