Replacing Your Office Chair With Exercise Ball Is Not A Good Idea


One of the most common things you see as the New Year rolls in is that many of your co-workers are replacing their desk chairs inside the office with huge inflatable exercise balls you normally see on the gym.

Many people who are in with the trend will tell you that it is good to stimulate the body core because you will be forced to sit up properly while using your abs muscles. They will reason out that it will make them feel like working out the entire day but you don’t have to visit the gym.

The claim does make sense when you think about the theory but the fact is that you will use your abs whenever you sit on any type of chair that has no backrest to support you. Your abs will be working more than ever compared to an office master chair that does not only have lumbar support, it is ergonomic and recommended by OHS at the same time.

For many of those contemplating to follow the gym ball hype, scientific research showed that just because you can do so, does not mean that it is good for you.

A landmark study was conducted by researchers from Waterloo University located in Canada back in 2006. According to the research, sitting on the exercise ball does help in increasing the amount of muscles used by the body but it is very uncomfortable to be done for a longer period of time.

The same research was repeated later of the same year and another was conducted in 2009. During these experiments, it has confirmed that the gym ball does stimulate the abs but the act is just very uncomfortable that it is not possible to do office works at the same time.

Researchers have repeatedly discovered the same result, while sitting, it is inevitable for human to eventually assume the slumped over position regardless if it is an office chair in NZ or a Swiss ball that is used. This is why it is important for any chair to be consulted by experts before use to make sure it does not present any risk to safety and health of the user.