Restaurant Innovations Over The Years


Things come and go but one thing is constant in this world and that is change. This is proven time and time again by the way things have changed in our daily lives as a whole. In the food industry, restaurants have gone through various innovations from the basic services and we are now in an era where there are online ordering systems for restaurants to make their daily tasks lighter.

Some of the most notable restaurant innovations started in 1922 with delivery. Kin-Chu Cafe, a Chinese restaurant based in New Los Angeles, offered delivery until 1 in the morning. They are one of the first to offer food ordering via the telephone system. Now the delivery industry is estimated to be at $43 billion yearly in the United States along. There are apps developed just for this purpose such as Postmates and Grubhub.

It was 1948 when drive-through became a trend. This started with the first branch of In-N-Out Burgers. Customers give their orders via the intercom and completed orders are available through another window. Now drive-through sales make up 70 per cent of total sales of fast food restaurants.

The first charge card in history is the Diners Club. This makes it possible for customers to pay without cash. Nowadays, there are various technologies used in paying bills such as Tock, a prepaid ticketing and Resy, a pay by phone system.

In 1955, the first McDonald was opened in Des Plaines located in Illinois. The owner, Ray Kroc, made a system of preparation and a set up that became the secret to the success of the fast food chain. This method is now termed as the McDonald’s System and is being copied by many chains.

Electronic cash register was developed in 1873 by IBM through their 3650 Retail Store System and in 1987, molecular gastronomy was discovered. This is mainstream now in various ice cream chains that employ liquid-nitrogen.

Internet ordering became possible in 1994 with Pizza Hut as the pioneer while Instagram changed the food scene in 2010. Currently, many in the food industry make use of online ordering systems for restaurants and it does not come as a surprise that they are testing out robots as the next big thing.