Retailers Will Be Forced To Make Big Discounts Due To Flop Black Friday Stint


Retailers who were left with piles of stock after the black Friday flop this year are expected to hold flash sales as Christmas day is fast approaching. Families have shunned going to high end moles and street stores and have instead opted to do their shopping online with discounts that ballooned to over 60 percent and which resulted in internet rankings passing the 1 billion pound a day mark for the first time in history. The demand on online shopping was very high that the websites of most major retailers crashed or stalled. The website of John Lewis went down and was not able to handle the traffic which cost them an estimated 2.8 billion pound lost in sales.

There were also several customers who vented out their frustrations on the web via twitter at the problems encountered with Boots, Tesco and Debenhams. One disgruntled customer of John Lewis called to confirm a purchase made and was told to call back the store in an hour. The spokesman for the company said that they received record breaking calls from customers on their website and some people took it a lot longer than normal to shop. They apologized for the inconvenience on the part of the customer.  Several times, the Argos site also crashed and the users were confronted with holding page that said ‘Sorry to hold you up.’

The Appliance seller said that the online orders that they received were running at double the rate that they have seen last year. The big sellers included TVs, food processors, vacuum cleaners and juicers. Another company, Currys-PC World said that their website was 1,100 percent much busier compared to last year while the orders were staggering up to at least 2,900 percent.

The final online sales figure is estimated to be more than 30 percent compared to the sales last year which was at 810 million pounds. In contrast to the boom in the online buying, the high streets and shopping centers frenzy in US market failed to materialize. The online world was the frenzy one with items from Christmas gift bags to high end clothing making their rounds.