Second Phase Of Eco-Car Production To Start In 2017


In 2007, Thailand embarked on the first phase of eco-car scheme which managed to attract 5 car manufacturers: Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Toyota. In late 2013, the 2nd phase was launched and drew 5 newcomers: Mazda, Ford, General Motors, SAIC Moto-CP and Volkswagen. Mazda was the first to produce the 2nd phase eco-cars but General Motors withdrew in 2015.

Because of the promising prospects in Thailand for 2017, many of the eco-car manufacturers are expected to start with their 2nd phase production of eco-cars. Nissan Thailand has expressed its plans to launch new eco-car models like the Note next year. Nissan has been an eco-car pioneer since 2010 and it is confident that eco-cars will be in demand from Thai buyers of passenger cars because they are more affordable.

The eco-car market landscape of Thailand has changed because of the tax benefits offered for the 2nd phase. During the 2nd phase the excise tax for eco-car production will be cut to 12 to 14% from the previous 17% in the 1st phase. As of October, 1.644 million eco-cars were produced in Thailand with 934,533 units for shipment and 709,687 sold locally.

Nissan Thailand has produced the most number of eco-cars in Thailand at 258,727 with Mitsubishi coming in second with 133,005 units and Toyota at third with 129,985 units. Nissan plans to increase its spending to 6.86 billion baht to produce 123,000 eco-cars and 2 million car parts at its plant in Bang Na-Trat Road. However, Nissan Thailand will continue to manufacture March and Almera eco-cars under the 1st phase for both local and overseas markets.

According to the Federation of Thai Industries the first 10 months of the year reported an increase in eco-car production by 2.3% to 297,979 units because of the increase in overall output of the domestic market which gained by 25.4% to 97,534 units.

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