Self Storage Ruins A Lifetime Of Memories, Including Barbie Collection


Storage businesses like those that provide self storage in Leeds must always make sure that all of the items stored in their facilities are safe, secure and undamaged otherwise the property owners would not be pleased and this could prove a big problem for you. A good example for this is the issue of Angela Porter against Uncle Bob’s Storage facility.

Angela Porter was just stopping by the said facility to pay her monthly bill when one of the staff told her to check on her unit. When she did visit the small unit inside an air-conditioned building, she definitely didn’t like what she saw.

Upon entering her unit, she was greeted by water and mold. What’s worse is that all of her belongings, a lifetime worth of memories, was covered in it as well.
Most of her belongings, her grandmother’s quilts, her wedding dress, and her father’s photos while in firefighting uniform, along with a valuable collection of vintage Barbie dolls, most of which were still in their original boxes, all priceless items, ruined and specked with molds of black and white.

For two days, Porter wore a surgical mask and inspected each item and found nothing that she could save except for her high school diploma. The company, Uncle Bob’s, which is also part of the real estate investment trust Sovran Self Storage, said that they were not responsible for the damages done to Porter’s belongings as she had not bought insurance for the contents of the unit.

According to Porter, the Barbie collection alone is at $100, 000 but she greatly emphasized how one cannot put a price on the emotional loss that she had to go through.

Right now, Porter and her husband is suing Uncle Bob’s along with its parent company, Self Storage for $100,000. They said that the company did not take the necessary actions to maintain the safety and security of the contents of the units.
Four years has passed since she lost her property to the damages at Uncle Bob’s and it had taken them long enough to find a suitable lawyer to file suit.