Senegal Becoming “Africa’s Las Vegas”


For many people, Las Vegas is thought of as a city to have wild nights at casinos and weddings officiated by an Elvis Presley impersonator, but a different life force from this city are its meetings and conventions.

The 22,000 and more meetings and conventions usually held in Las Vegas yearly support around 61,000 jobs and also contribute greater than $7.4 billion to its local community, based from the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority.

In order to eliminate the competition and increase this industry, the Nevada state is planning to launch plans for its Las Vegas Global Business District. This is a vision that wants to drive Las Vegas as a destination in the trade show business, which sees to host about 7 million convention delegates during the next decade.

Senegal’s vision for a “Las Vegas”

The conventions business is something which Senegal also considered when starting plans for a different city close to the Diamniadio town.

Even though the town got much global attention for its plans to have an airport, state ministries, a university, and an industrial and technology park, the one thing which has been finished up to this time is the Abdou Diouf International Conference Centre.

It was finished within lesser than one year at an approximate $68 million cost. This conference centre was partly funded by the government of Senegal, with most of the funding from the Eximbank Turkey. It got completed last October 2015, which was on schedule for the 15th Francophone summit, a great advertising chance for what is currently Francophone Africa’s most magnificent conference facility.

Africa’s most magnificent conference facility

It was designed by Tabanliolu Architects, a Turkish firm. It holds a contemporary design, gleaming exterior and interior surfaces complementing the landscape.

The facilities are all world class from its stages, seats, escalators and lighting.

The country’s whole infrastructure around its conferencing facilities are very much well developed.

It seamlessly caters to an incredible volume of people, with its primary conference hall seating 1,500 delegates, as an example.

The conference management and the teams that surround it all clearly had great practice and demand.