Small Businesses On The Rise


If you have the power and the will to do it, then you can achieve greater heights. Businessmen are people who have goals in mind and with due diligence and hard work were able to achieve it. They started with a small idea and launched it. That idea soon became a force to reckon in the world of business.

They say that great things start from small beginnings and the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Some businesses that have risen to greater scales started from a single stall. Take for example, TV store online. They did not immediately make it that big. They with small contacts or links and then gradually expanded.

Here are businesses that have proven that they can make it through though the economy is bleak for them. These are small but rising businesses.

Tattoo shops

Getting that tattoo has become a trend. Not even the worst recession could stop you from getting an affordable tattoo. This has become a widespread fad in the west, has grown popularity across Europe and has also been adopted by Asians.

Candy store

You might think of a candy to cost only cents. But if you add all of your revenue, now that is huge profit. Though this business may seem small, it did not fade out even with the market dipping.


Girls love fashion and trends. There are a lot of cosmetic brands that have successfully conquered the world. There are still also those small and thriving cosmetics business. The great news with this type of business is that women will always swarm your place. They love to paint their faces and lips with colors. Girls will be girls.

Death care services

Every day, thousands of people die. This is a reality that every human being has to face- death is certain. If you are engaged in this business and are still starting out, you will surely not run out of customers. Death care services have been on the rise. Giving the right care for the dead and their grieving loved ones is a rewarding feeling.