Startups From Singapore Partnering With Companies In Thailand


Mr. Erik Cheong is the one of the founders of Park N Parcel which is a company in Singapore that provides self-collection as well as delivery of services in the country. Statistics has shown that Singapore’s online shopping industry is raking in 200,000 orders every day. This number is only a small percentage of the two million accounted in Thailand. For this reason alone, Park N Parcel decided to pursue company registration Thailand in order to provide their services to customers of online commerce industry in the country.

According to Mr. Cheong, his company is currently searching for major players in the e-commerce industry in Thailand and to create a partnership with them before the year ends. Singapore is the first country where the firm has operated and Thailand will be the second because of the huge number of customers that are into online shopping.

He further explained that the volume is much bigger compared to the number of online shopping customers in Singapore.

Park N Parcel is not the only company hoping to follow the same path since the introduction of GIA Bangkok or Global Innovation Alliance Bangkok. Many startups from Singapore are now looking to enter the market of Thailand through GIA which is designed to help create partnerships among digital companies between the two nations.

During the launch of the campaign, Bangkok’s Trade and Industry and National Development’s senior minister of state, Dr.KohPoh Koon was in attendance. This is the second time that GIA was introduced by Enterprise Singapore. The first one was held Beijing on November 2017 where HengSweeKeat, the minister for finance, was the lead. That was organized in order to make better connections between the startup tech companies from Singapore and the established names in China.

Thailand’s entrepreneurial atmosphere is quite strong and colourful that they decided to hold the second GIA there. It helps greatly that company registration Thailand have been made easier there fore startup companies can enter the country. Dr.Koh added that the tech industry of Bangkok has developed immensely ever since the launch of the new economic model called Thailand 4.0.