Teacher Publishes Welding Book Tutorial


One of the teachers at St. Peter High School recently published his own book about welding. Michael Reeser is teaching Career Technical Education at the high school. His students will be happy to know that their teacher is an expert in the subject matter he is teaching. The books will benefit students and staff at Mig welders who are looking to refresh their mind with the subject.

The book is entitled Welding Complete (2nd Edition): Techniques, Project Plans & Instructions. It was published by Cool Spring Press publishing company, Reeser said that the book is all about how-to in welding.

The book can be purchased through majority of online outlets like Barnes & Noble and Amazon. This is recommended for individuals who are interested to learn more about welding such as students in high school and adults who are learning the basics. Reeser said that the book was launched to the public before the Christmas holiday in 2017.

The book is described by the Cool Springs Press as a good supplement for people who want to know everything there is about the subject. It will teach individuals safe welding methods and how to be competent in the field. The activity is actually fun and affordable because there are many welding kits for sale in home improvement stores all over the nation. The book contains featured projects such as firepit, magazine rack, gate, coffee table, wine rack and truck rack.

Reeser said that the publisher approached him in the fall two years ago because they wanted to publish a book regarding welding. During that time, he was a teacher at Dunwoody Institute for the same subject. He shared that the book took eight months for him to complete including the time to have the final copy approved.

He devoted all his free time to creating the book because he has a full time job. Majority of the nights he was busy working on the book and even the weekends just to have it completed before the deadline.

The book has a total 200 plus pages and there are images included as well. Interested individuals, education institutions and businesses such as Mig welders can purchase the book online.