Technology Items Predicted To Break Records This Christmas 2016


According to Consumer Technology Association (CTA) 68% of American consumers or 170 million people plan to purchase technology gifts for the holiday season. While it highly unlikely than an iPhone7 will be wrapped and placed on the Christmas tree, there are many different types of technology devices that can be given to family and friends that include drones, virtual reality devices, VR headsets, digital assistant devices and wearable tech. It is expected that the holiday season of 2016 will break records in the technology sector.

In addition to the preference for technology gifts, Americans will be spending more this Christmas. A survey that was made on 1,005 American adults last September revealed that tech spending will increase by 3.1% to $36.05 billion during the holiday season. Americans are now using tech devices to search for emerging technology like wearable tech, smart watches and fitness trackers.

Smart home devices are expected to be the biggest seller with at least 34% of buyers planning to buy them. About 10% plan to buy a smart thermostat while 6% prefer smart digital assistant like Amazon’s Echo. Other emerging technology gifts that people plan to buy include connected or digital toys, VR headsets and drones.

Based on CTA projections, VR headsets will move about 700,000 units during the holiday season because a number of new players will be releasing the devices. Trade associations project a sale of 1.2 million units of drones, a 112% increase over last season’s sales.

However, even if CTA has predicted higher consumer spending this Christmas, the coming presidential elections is causing some apprehension. 38% are worried about the presidential elections; however, 60% reasoned out that lack of money, 57% were worried about the high cost of living while 54% chose fixed income. Americans also expect Christmas promotions after the presidential elections.

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