The Balance Between SEO And Web Design


It is common to see top websites ranking on the search engine results but we don’t know is that there are hundreds and thousands of sites that are not ranking at all. This is because a large number of site owners, along with their web designers, do not have the necessary knowledge regarding SEO or Search Engine Optimization and they do not know how to use keywords in order to achieve a ranking. Custom web design is not everything there is because SEO plays a huge role.

If there are sites not using SEO, there are also sites that use too much of it. These websites are filled with keywords, too many texts on the content and hyperlinks are seen on every point. It may not be consideredspammy but the user will know right away that the website went too far.

Minimalism is still the leading trend in web design. For this year, fewer words will be used and high quality videos and images will take its place. This is currently the challenge to web designers – creating a website that contains a balance between modern web design and SEO.

The best thing about SEO is that it points to a specific page thus every page can have different ranking under different keywords. There are cases wherein some pages are not even ranking but it is totally normal.

When designing, consider the purpose of the page before deciding to publish it. If the page is to be used as a landing page intended for paid advertising campaign then a streamlined UX should be your goal. This will not require keywords or SEO tools. This way the page remains simple but still attractive to users. If you intend the page to receive organic ranking, SEO is important along with a great UX. These two goes hand in hand.

It is important to know how to keep the balance in a custom web design. The page should be minimalistic but it should also contain information essential for SEO. There is no standard when it comes to what is too little and what is too much. The users will know right away if they visit the page. This is where trial and error comes in.