The Future Of Aviation Industry In Thailand


In the latest announcement made by Prayut Chan-o-cha, the prime minister, the government of Thailand is planning to level up the aviation industry in the country in order for them to be considered as the ASEAN hub. To talk about plans for the industry, a hotel meeting room was booked for further discussion.

The government has expressed desires of improving the civil aviation in the country to be on the same level as those with international standards. This is also a measure they are taking to make the aviation sector a hub in Southeast Asia region.

The announcement was made during the Global Aviation Security Plan’s opening ceremony where the prime minister is the chairman and the speaker at the same time. The event served as a meeting to improve the level of effectiveness of the security of their international aviation. The co-host of the meeting was ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organisation based in Bangkok.

Gen Prayut also extended his gratefulness to the organization because they have removed the red flag placed on the aviation of the country on June of 2015. The red flag was given after their failure to remedy the issues that are plaguing the aviation industry.

He added that the government has already answered all the problems that are concerning the safety of operations in the aviation industry which was detailed by the ICAO.

Furthermore, the government is willing to improve the sector based on the recent Thailand 4.0 policy released for the next 20 years. The policy is promoting the use of technology in order to boost the public services covered by 10 specific industries.

It was during the meeting, Fang Liu who is the secretary general of ICAO, sends his congratulations to the Thai government after the red flag was removed and praised them for the efforts they have made in order to raise the standards of the nation’s aviation sector.

Arun Mishra, the regional director of ICAO for the office in Asia and the Pacific, said that the aim of the prime minister to create an aviation hub is not impossible. More talks will be happening behind hotel meeting room to discuss how the goal will come into fruition.