The Things Your Broker Will Never Tell You


The real estate brokers that professional real estate companies, like Siam Society, send to their clients are maybe one of the most honest and trustworthy people that you can find. These brokers are believed to never lie to their clients. Unfortunately, what they’re not telling you is that although brokers are not liars, they also do not tell the whole truth as they are required to be pleasant at all times. Instead, they have a way with telling the truth that may be unnoticeable by inexperienced clients.

1. If you are the homebuyer, there are will be occasions wherein the broker will describe your home as a place suited for honeymooners, a warm and ‘cozy’ place. Unfortunately, when they say ‘cozy,’ what they are actually implying is that your house is ‘dinky.’ Although they would not admit it, a well-maintained 50-year old house with antique furnishing, which they often call ‘promising,’ is basically a dump for them and that the house probably smells bad.

2. If you are the homebuyer and you were given an ad about a certain house being sold, you may be able to notice some omissions. If the bedroom was not included in the ad, then it is because the bedroom may be hideous. This is the reason why you should always make sure to ask questions and be observant about things.

3. If you are the homebuyer, then you should understand that the broker does not work for you. He or she would give it their best to present a certain home in the best and most attractive way possible because it is in their best interests and they earn a commission every time they make a sale.

4. If you are the home seller, you can expect the broker trying to be charming at all times. Due to this, he or she may only hint certain issues that may affect the sale of your property greatly. If they recommend a professional cleaning, then this would mean that the house is a mess and it may even smell.

5. If you are the home seller, you may not know this, but a broker’s commission is actually negotiable. The standard rate is at 6% but sometimes it could go further down especially when the broker has to cut off some of his commission to make the sale go faster.