Tips On Saving Money On Designing The Ugliest Christmas Sweater Yourself


Nowadays, ugly Christmas sweater is no longer an embarrassment but can lead you to the spotlight. It has risen to ugliest heights in popularity and has become a great party idea. If you want to save yourself some bucks and DIY your entry for the ugliest Christmas sweater ever contest, you are in for some good news because the theme is to be all out crazy by all means, and everyone is good at that. You can go to a dollar store and pick a theme or just grab anything, just make sure it is wearable and not hazardous. And of course, something that can stick them on your sweater.

Anything Christmas

Christmas is so many happy things that come to our mind. Just think of the first thing that comes to your mind that makes your heart leap about Christmas, and go passionate designing it. And since so many things come to mind, deciding may be the hardest part. But don’t worry, nobody really stops you from sticking so many themes in one ugly Christmas sweater. Does the season remind you about Santa Clause? Then sew a pair of Santa Clause hats on the breast area of the sweater. Or be creative with a Santa hat, old sunglasses for the eye part, and glue cotton balls for his signature Santa Beard. Does Christmas remind you of a Christmas tree? The star on top of your family’s Christmas tree will definitely look good on your creation too, don’t think twice. One of the most popular Christmas symbols is winter. Skis, sleighs, snowflakes, a snowman, or the abominable snowman, all of which that brings you to the Christmas mood, glue it on a sweater.

3D Ugly Christmas Sweaters

This one is easy, just pick any stuffed reindeer, stuffed Santa Clause, stuffed snowman or stuffed Olaf and cut it in half. Sew the upper torso in front of the sweater and the other half at the back. You might as well cut a fully decorated small sized Christmas tree, cut it in half and sew the upper part in front of the sweater and the other half to the back. Don’t forget the LED lights, so you are not only 3D, you light up too!