Tips To Select Proper Cremation Urns That Honor The Memories Of Your Loved One


Choosing a cremation urn for a loved one is an emotional process.  It is a thoughtful process that you have to get right in the first time. It is a way of honoring the memories of your loved one and provides a great sense of comfort, when done in the right manner. The main factors while choosing a urn for are its design and motif, the quality of material, its aesthetic appeal and the emotional connect it offers.

However, apart from the emotional considerations, there are some practical considerations one needs to make before choosing cremation urns for the funeral of loved ones. Most common mistakes that tend to happen while choosing an urn are

  • Selecting a wrong size urn for the niche. The urn will not fit inside the niche, leading to unnecessary confusion. Select cremation urns with exact measurements of the columbarium niche.
  • Do not select the double duty cremation urns as most commonly, they are suitable for only one purpose. Choose scattering tubes that are lightweight and are easy to carry. The scattering tubes are affordable and stay closed until the day of scattering ceremony. They can be easily cleared for airport checks and used for hiking.
  • A biodegradable urn may sound cool. But it is suitable only for cool and dry places. The biodegradable urns start to dissolve when they come into contact with moisture. Read the product brochure to know about the proper ways to store the product.
  • It is important to check the capacity of the urn before buying one. According to funerary industry experts, every 1 pound of body weight prior to death requires 1 cubic inch urn capacity. While buying urns for the cremation of your loved ones check the capacity of the urn before the design and aesthetics.
  • While buying jewelry and keepsake urns to honor the memory of your loved ones, remember that, these urns hold only a little portion of the ashes. Have a plan to store the rest of the ashes secured.
  • Plan the delivery time ahead to avoid shocking surprises at the last moment. The shipping of the urn and the process of engraving and personalization of cremation urns takes a lot of time. Factor in the time taken for these activities before finalizing a cremation date.