Top 50 Doughnut Shops All Over The United States Ranked


It is not uncommon to see doughnut shops posting their business on but the latest ranking for the best doughnuts in America will reveal just how well Los Angeles’ faired. There are hundreds of cities and towns all over United States thus the list of doughnut shops in the country can be overwhelming. Despite the number of options, finding the best shops with the best treats is not an impossible feat. When you think about it, do you still remember the last time you had the best doughnut?

To make it easier for the people of the United States, Hoodline made a survey in order to generate a ranking of the 50 best doughnut shops in the country. The data were gathered from Yelp as well as a special analysis tool. This will show the leading doughnut shop and will reveal the ranking of Los Angeles when compared to other cities.

The result showed that Greater Los Angeles is doing well because out of the 50 shops, 11 of them are located in the city. The highest of the 11 shops in Los Angeles stole the third spot – The Donut Man. This shop has been operating in Glendora for more than four decades and out of the 3,168 reviews online, the average result is 4 and a half stars.

Looking at The Donut Man, its popularity may have come from the years it has been in the business, the traditional way of preparing doughnuts and the seasonal offerings they have including fresh strawberries. Another factor is that the shop operates 24 hours every day. Of the 17,000 doughnut shops in the list from Yelp, only 5 per cent are open for 24 hours. For the top 50 list, t28 per cent are found to be open 24 hours.

On the fifth spot is another pride of Los Angeles – The Donuttery. This is located in Huntington Beach and is popular for its blueberry cake doughnuts. It received 4.5 stars of the total 2,379 reviews. The result shows that posting an ad in sites such as really helps a business.