Touring Myanmar: Ending The Day With The Best Hotels In Yangon


Anticipating vacations and time off from work? What better way to spend your free time than by visiting a place that is rich in culture and full of the scenic countryside?

Myanmar (also known as Burma) is one of the most desired Southeast Asian countries nowadays. With its rich culture and scenic landscapes, it is no wonder that many tourists include this place in their itineraries. Ever since the democratic reforms in the country, it has become open to visitors who wish to experience what the country has to offer.

Yangon is the largest city in Burma. Though it is no longer the capital of the country, it has increased in tourism recently. With its tourist attractions such as the Shwedagon Pagoda, available hotel rooms are hard to find.

If you intend to visit the place soon, better book your hotel rooms early as to reserve a place for you to stay when you arrive. To help you out, here are some hotels in Yangon Burma that you can choose.

  • Micasa Combining contemporary setting and Myanmar hospitality, this hotel offers a place you can consider as “home” while staying in Myanmar. It has the cosiness quality that instantly makes you feel at home. If you are looking for a place where you can still feel comfortable and at home, this hotel is the best option for you.
  • Belmond Governor’s Residence. Start your tour of Myanmar with a little pampering. This hotel is one of the most accommodating hotels in Yangon. Every little thing is given attention, thus ensuring that every client was given the best service that they can offer.
  • Savoy Hotel Yangon. This hotel will definitely give you a taste of what Myanmar looks like during the colonial times. Ergo, the pseudonym boutique hotel of Yangon. Though not the grandest hotel in Yangon, they still offer the best hotel services for every client. Staying here is definitely worth your while.

Wherever you plan to stay, all the hotels in Yangon Burma would ensure your comfort and satisfaction. Touring Myanmar after a long day, what better way to end it than enjoying the luxury of the hotels in the place?