Town House In Inverness To Undergo Redecoration


There have been plans to redecorate the historic Town House of Inverness especially its public hall and the proposal was recently given the green light to proceed. If you are planning to visit the city anytime in the future, it is best to stay at a hotel near Inverness rail station in order to catch a glimpse of the newly renovated Town House.

Internal refurbishing has been planned for the building and it was recently granted with its most recent chance for transformation. The project which will be done on the civic centre that was built back in 1882 will be worth £5.4 million.

The paint job will cost £195,000 along with the remodelling of the internal lights as well as the chandeliers inside the building. It was considered as a necessary change because many are concerned about the current décor of the historical building which was referred to be lacking in vigour and looks to be old in a bad way.

According to the architects of the council, they are planning to create something more suitable for the Victorian beauty that will complement its Gothic architectural designs.

The walls that are surrounding the hall are currently painted with a combination of three pastel colours – lilac, water green and pale yellow. They are planning to change it to three different shades of red.

The bosses from the Town House made a suggestion that the colour should be changed to dark brown along with stripes of two colours – red and blue. This was opposed by the Historic Environment Scotland and they offered another recommendation which is to use a rich red colour instead of the original brown tone that was proposed.

Local officials said that they have approved the plans for repainting after having assessed that the current pastel colours do not suits well with the Victorian Gothic design of the establishment. It is in line with the provisions provided by the Development Plan and will have no impact in the overall character of the historical site.

The grand unveiling will be held next month and guests are recommended to stay at hotel near Inverness rail station in order to easily access the historical Town Hall and catch a glimpse of its new image.