Travel By Bus From KohSamui To Bangkok And See What They Can Offer


You can easily reach Bangkok from KohSamui. All you need is to ride a bus from KohSamui to Bangkok and your back to Thailand’s vibrant capital. However, if you were in KohSamui, you can also be transported by plane or ferryboat. This place can be reached from other domestic destinations and even Malaysia as well. If you visit Samui, travel to Surat Thani, Don Sak or Chumphon by ferry.

KohSamui started out as a backpacker destination in the early 1980s. Today, it has a lot to offer locals and international tourists. They have beach bungalows to high tech villas. You can also see stylish venues and bars, which complete theice, or a chilled family holiday where everyone enjoys yoga recreations. Samuican also offer many people its countless bays.

If you think of renting a house, you need to stay more than a month to make a great deal of money. Depending on the style of the house, the price rangesfrom $80 to $8000 per month. Many of them will have good air conditioning with kitchen and some furniture. You can also enjoy shopping from one of its many shopping centres.

You can also get around the area using a regular bus or taxi service which can take you to most towns and beaches in KohSamui. The transports are fully air conditioned and metered so you get a fair share of your fare. If you travel alone, perhaps you can ride a motorbike taxi which is the cheapest way to move around.

KohSamui provides tourists more activities to enjoy. There are the mountain trails, waterfalls and day tours to the Ang Thong National Marine Park. There’s also golf and shooting ranches, go karts and water parks for the holiday enthusiasts. People can also enjoy fine dining in exquisite restaurants and go sailing in luxury cruises. There are also diving schools to learn the sport and to enjoy other types of watersports. So there’s really plenty for everyone to do.

If you’re done with the excitement and fun in Samui, you want to ride a bus from KohSamui to Bangkok to get back to the bustling Bangkok. If done with your trip, you can head back to your homeland and reminisce everything that has happened here.