Waste Management Firm Purchased Tyre Recycling Machine


It was only last year when Waste Management NZ limited, a company based in Wellington, acquired the largest tyre recycling firm in the country, Pacific Rubber. They recently announced that they have bought a tyre shredder that is equipped with the latest technology.

According to the company, their new investment was funded by the Ministry for the Environment. This equipment will help in improving the most crucial environment issue right now in the country. Tyres in New Zealand that are nearing the end of their shelf life can be reused and will be handled properly.

After the newly acquired business, Waste Management has been partnering with Golden Bay Cement together with the Government in order to provide a local solution on how to reuse old tyres by deriving fuel from these materials.

According to the general manager of Waste Management assigned in the Upper North Island, Mike McSaveney, they have decided to invest in the new equipment that can shred tyres with the use of the latest technology. They believe that the solution to their problem lies in these machines. They have received financial support from the Ministry for the Environment.

He said that New Zealand has always been struggling because of its problem with tyre wastes and Waste Management decided to venture into tyre recycling in order to help solve these problems.

McSaveney added that their efforts to partner with Golden Bay Cement helped them develop energy with the use of waste. They were able to get fuel from their supply of old tyres.

Waste Management will be utilizing its network in order to gather old tyres from all over New Zealand. a grant was given to the company by the Ministry for Environment and they were able to buy new equipment that will process these tyres. Through these machines, they will be able to increase the capacity by 250 per cent of their processing facilitylocated in Auckland. They will also be able to install a new facility in Christchurch.

The new tyre shredder machine will make it possible to solve the problem of the nation as the company now has over 800 trucks and more than 70 facilities all over New Zealand.