Westsyde Pool Closing For 15 Months Due To Roof Repairs


Kamloops, Canada – April 14, 2015 – Westsyde will get to keep their pool. Unfortunately for the residents, the pool would not be available for swimming once it closes in June due to roof repairs.

The city council of Kamloops had voted on Tuesday, the closure of the swimming pool on June while their staff are conducting an investigation on the amount it would cost for the repairing of the roofs of the swimming pool. According to the parks and civic facilities manager, Jeff Putnam, it is important that they close the pool now to avoid any further damages, safety risks and accidents that may happen if they allow it to function until June.

The swimming pool was built in the 1970s but this year, the pool had suffered damage due to the moisture on the roof that led to a number of wooden ceiling tiles to fall off.

During that time, they conducted an inspection and they found out that there was a leakage of moist air that came from the pool which entered the roof and had caused extensive damage that rendered the room dangerous to use especially when there is a relatively high chance for strong winds and heavy snowfall which could knock it off.

About $13 million was estimated to be needed by the city council to conduct that needed roof repairs and more funds would be needed if the city decides to make environmental upgrades on the pool.

Putnam said that this year, they would have to consult the public regarding the project because the 2015 budget has already been set. They would have to get an early capital approval during the first parts of the deliberations for the 2016 budget which will be on December.

Once it has been approved, the repairs being made on the roof of Westsyde pool would take about 8 months to finish. But locals should know that only the pool will be closing. The rest of the amenities such as the hot tub, the sauna and the fitness center will still be available to the public. The pool’s closure until September of 2016 will help save the city about $170,000.