Why Renting A Pool Villa Is A Good Choice


If you are planning on a holiday in Phuket then finding a place to stay is the next thing you should do after booking a plane ticket. Looking for pool villas for rent in Phuket may not be cheap but you will still be able to go on a holiday with a bit of luxury without breaking the bank. Because of the booming tourism in the country, prices of hotels and accommodations are increasing especially during the peak season. If you are travelling with your family or with a group of people on a budget, booking a 5 star hotel is a bad idea as it can be very costly.

The good thing about having you own villa is the privacy that offers. Having your own pool is another incentive because you won’t have to share with other guests. Here are some advantages into considering pool villas for rent in Phuket.

– Freebies for the guests. One of the good things about opting for pool villas for rent in Phuket is that the room rate includes some freebies. There may be a pack of chocolate on the bed or free bottled water on the mini fridge. There are also complimentary breakfast or snacks in some of the villas. The best thing about some pool villas is that the guests are provided with their very own butler in order to attend to their needs.

– Best bathroom. One of the perks of booking a villa is that having a bathroom that will make every penny worth it. There are different bathroom types and some will surprise you with their unique themes and arrangements. Inside the bathroom are complimentary toiletries for the guests, some are even customized for the villa.

– Lounge area. If you want to stay outside on a really good day and just relax with a good book then having a lounge area outside is perfect. This is commonly found in pool villas and adds to another room where the guests could stay.

– Swimming pool. Having your own swimming pool in your villa could give you a sense of privacy. Having a swimming pool is ideal especially in a place like Phuket where it is always hot and humid. You could relax in the pool while enjoying the bright sky.