Your Brisbane Tyres: 3 4WD Tyre Categories That Will Suit Your Lifestyle


Do you own a 4WD in Brisbane? If you do or you are planning to get one, then you must know that not all tyres are the same though they may seem to be used for the same purpose. Where you do most of your driving will determine the type of tyre that will be most suitable for your 4WD. Whatever tyre you use will also determine the kind of experience you will have. If you want to have a smooth driving experience, then let’s go through the three 4WD categories of tyres in Brisbane.

  1. Highway tyre

These are the kind of tyres in Brisbane that come with new 4WDs. They are usually lightweight than other types of tyres in Brisbane. They are made for high speed and low load ratings. They perform best on smooth tarred roads. You will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride with these categories of tyres. Hold on, only if you don’t go off-road.

  1. Mud terrain tyre

If you drive off-road frequently, then you know the road can be bumpy, muddy, sandy, stony or slippery. You need tyres that are tougher and have a strong resistance to wear. This kind of tyres is the best to go for in these conditions. They have deep sturdy threads that have extra grips on the ground which creates more friction thereby resisting slip and wear. They have high load and low-speed ratings.

  1. All terrain tyre

The performance is balanced when compared to the other tyre categories. It is like a mix of the others. It is for those who only drive off-road occasionally. Depending on the manufacturer, you can get different type of thread design, load and speed rating. Some are like the highway tire while others are more suited to off-road. Generally, they make more noise and do not give a smooth and comfortable re like the highway tyres in Brisbane.

Your safety considerations, road conditions and load transportation tendencies should determine the type of tyres in Brisbane you use for your 4WD. We hope that this guide will help you in selecting the one that suits you best.